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After receiving some wisdom from shamanic rituals Eren found a path for his life and decided to share that knowledge in his art. As the free spirit, creative and expressive in many fields of the music cosmos he is now about to develop SEVDAVISION, intended as a platform to unite all these experiences.

Besides the music he is looking for ways to integrate dance, videos/visuals, all kinds of interaction such as workshops and real cultural dialog, essentially to unleash the healing force of music and art to its full potential. No coincidence that SEVDA in Turkish means LOVE, Erens driving force behind all things.

The lyrics and songs portray a blend of melancholy but hopeful moments of life, refined with complex but catchy melodies. This music is like an exhibition with no boundaries in genre or emotion. It can be happy and sad at the same time – like the way of love usually tends to be.
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