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Eren is a wanderer of the musical worlds.
Coming from classical parents, later exploring the magic of jazz with the wise help of his father - a brilliant musician and pioneer himself- he moved on to the electronic side and started producing techno while playing as a dj some of the well known clubs of the republic. With world famous duo ÂME (Innervisions) and his own project 
PIED PLAT (Rush Hour/NL) he released quite succesful records besides working and recording as a pianist with magnificent musicians of the scene. To the latest record „Tumbler“ by MIRAMODE ORCHESTRA (Agogo Records) Eren finally contributed as a singer/songwriter some tunes of his own.

His solo debut SEVDAVISION unites all these experiences as a composer, producer and performer in one big adventure. Besides writing and recording music it is intended to serve as a platform to connect within the broad field of art. Could become a collaboration with dancers or a workshop which suddenly ends up in a 10 hour shamanic ritual trance jam...always adaptive. The lyrics and songs can be described as a mixture of melancholy but hopeful moments of life, refined with complex but catchy melodies.


Furthemore he is one third of the great concert series FEATURE RING for which he invites, together with Felix Otto Jacobi and Demian Kappenstein, guests from all over the world to Festpielhaus Hellerau in Dresden - one rehearsal followed by one unique and exclusive perfomance. In the last 10 years they had guests such as Hayden Chisholm, Ronny Graupe, Katrin Pechlof, Charlotte Greve, Almut Kühne, Elisabeth Coudoux, Paul Frick, Kelvin Kilonzo, Mine, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Conny Bauer, Rolf Kühn, Aki Takase, Louis Sclavis, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nora Gomringer, Yael Deckelbaum and Qeaux Qeaux Joans.

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With actor Grégoire Gros he works on a theatrical duo project under their names SOLAK/GROS. They use poems, fairy tales, current world events combined with songs and improvised material to tell a story. The current production „Der Wilde Franz“ is a musical medley based on „Eisenhans“ the brothers grimm tale mixed with poems by Appolinaire among others and songs like „Regarde Bien“ by Jaques Brel.

HENRIQUE FERMI & morphic resonances

Henrique Fermi & morphic resonances is a collaboration between Eren Solak and Juan Orozco; a sonic travel, performative, sound collage, electroacoustic orchestra, bringing together apparently distant sonic environments.

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